velozo e velozinho

  • The Prayer (Velozes e Furiosos) - Temas de Filmes [Black Child] Ghetto gospel All thugs gotta pray Hear me Lord, yo If killin niggaz is wrong, God forgive me for my sins and all my evil thoughts like fuckin my girlfriends God bless my family, and the bitch I bagged in the Camry and any extra gu
  • Justify My Love (Velozes e Furiosos) - Temas de Filmes [Vita w/ Ashanti harmonizing] I wanna kiss you in Paris.. I wanna hold your hands in Rome.. I wanna run like a rainstorm.. Make love on the train, cross-country.. You put this in me, so now what? So now what?.. Wantin.. needin.. Waitin.. for y
  • Hustlin' (Velozes e Furiosos) - Temas de Filmes [Fat Joe] Uhh, T.S.! None better (Bronx niggaz, uhh) Life of a hustler (ha-hah, what'chu know about that?) Yo, yo, yo Yo the mind of a hustler be trained to count money and lies Supplyin customers and keep it peace and just spendin they time Pop
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