avisa pro diabo vim armado parte 2

  • A Thousand Years (Part 2) - Christina Perri ...
    loved you for a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand more O dia em que nos conhecemos Congelado, segurei minha respiração Desde o inicio Sabia que encontrei um lar pro meu coração Bate...
  • Fire In The Water - Feist Love’s the sweetest feeling Openly believing No matter what we find there Come back in through the eyes there Sole and born creation The lion’s in the house Flowers are up in the air Crashing against the dark Ah, ahhah ah… Fire in the water Is th
  • Bittersweet - Ellie Goulding Your arms around me come undone Makes my heart beat like a drum See the panic in my eyes Kiss me only when they cry Cause you always want what you're running from And you know this is more than you can take Baby don't forget my name When the morning b
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