Melinda Doolittle - I'm a Woman

Well I can wash out forty four pairs of socks

And have 'em on the line

You know I can starch and iron two dozen shirts

'Fore you can count from one to nine

I can slip up a great big dip up of lard from a drippings can

Throw it in the skillet, do my shopping, and be back before it melts in the pan

Cause I'm a woman


Let me tell ya again

I'm a woman

Well I can rub and scrub till this house shines just like a dime

Feed the baby

Grease the car

Powder my nose at the same time

You know I can get all dressed up

Go out swinging with the M-A-N

Jump in bed at five

Sleep till 6

And start all over again

Cause I'm a woman


Let me tell ya again

I'm a woman


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