1. Don't Need Your Money
  2. All For One
  3. Seek and Destroy
  4. On And On
  5. Hell Patrol
  6. Rock Until You Drop
  7. Read All About It
  8. Take Control
  9. Life's A Bitch
  10. This Is My Time
  11. Run Silent, Run Deep
  12. Hard Ride
  13. Hellraiser
  14. Athletic Rock
  15. Take it Away
  16. For the Future
  17. Break the Chain
  18. Fuel to the Fire
  19. White Hot Anger
  20. Firepower
  21. Overload
  22. Can't Run & Hide
  23. Blind Leading the Blind
  24. Slow Down
  25. Breaking You Down
  26. Long Day's Journey
  27. Armageddon
  28. Faster Than The Speed Of Light
  29. Live At The Inferno
  30. Star War
  31. Uxb
  32. Got the Devil
  33. Under the Skin
  34. Over the Top
  35. Nobody's Hero
  36. Action
  37. Lambs to the Slaughter
  1. Mind Over Metal
  2. Sledgehammer Rock
  3. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
  4. The Savage and the Hungry
  5. Pick Your Window
  6. Never Forgive
  7. Relentless
  8. Iron League
  9. On the Wings of an Eagle
  10. You're A Liar
  11. Only the Strong Survive
  12. Juggernaut
  13. Playing With the Razor
  14. Architect of Fear
  15. Disciple
  16. Part of the Machine
  17. Just Let Me Go
  18. Heart Attack
  19. Sold Down the River
  20. Best Friends
  21. Hip Hoppers
  22. People Make The World Go Round
  23. With A Child's Heart
  24. Against The Grain
  25. Under Your Radar
  26. Walk Through Fire
  27. Bulldozer
  28. Trainwreck
  29. Running Around In Circles
  30. Hard Road
  31. Attitude
  32. Necessary Evil
  33. Bring The Hammer Down
  34. To The Limit, To The Top
  35. Battle Zone
  36. Hold Back The Fire
  37. Chainsaw


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